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The original sunscreen fabric

Mermet Sunscreen fabrics

We make sunscreen fabrics for people, not buildings. Our mission is to help create comfortable and pleasant places to work and live in.

Looking for exterior fabrics?

By the end of 2024, or early 2025 at the latest, a completely new collection of exterior screen fabrics will also be launched under the Mermet brand.

Why work with Mermet fabrics

From interior to exterior applications, Mermet has the right solution to match the aesthetics of your project while creating the comfort you desire to work or live in.

Energy Efficiency

Master the heat. Save energy.

In the summer, our fabrics keep you cool. So you'll spend less on air conditioning. In winter, they keep the heat in. They filter out sunlight while letting in natural light. In most cases, you don't even need to turn on the lights.

Developed to last

We design and create qualitative sunscreen fabrics that last a lifetime and are easy to maintain. Our fabrics are made from fibreglass yarns coated with sustainable PVC. We’re always searching for ways to make our products stronger and more long-lasting because screens that last are the start of a sustainable choice.

Expertise & Guidance

Benefit from our extensive expertise! With years of experience, our experts are constantly refining their knowledge. Whether you're an architect or a solar shading specialist, our dedicated team is ready to understand and exceed your specific requirements to find the perfect solution for your needs.